Jilin Huisheng Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

  • China NMPA approved Ganagliflozin Proline Tablets for marketing

    Feb, 2024. the Category 1 innovative product Ganagliflozin Proline Tablets of Jilin Huisheng Bio-Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (Huisheng Pharm)was approved for marketing by China NMPA. Ganagliflozin Proline Tablets is a sodium glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitor that inhibits SGLT2, reduces the re-absorption of filtered glucose, lowers the renal threshold of glucose, and thus increases urine glucose excretion. This is the second independently developed SGLT-2 inhibitor innovative drug to be approved for marketing in China, marking Huisheng’s breakthrough progress in the research and development of innovative drugs in the field of diabetes…